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ECOSG GrainNergy
益康心糙米藜麦全谷综合营养粉 850g

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GrainNergy which is compose of multiple grains, nuts and seeds, legumes, red algae, soy protein and vegetables, etc is an ideal nutritious food for all ages.

Suitable for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol




Product Details 产品详情

GrainNergy is a nutritious blend of natural ingredients composed of brown rice, Canada quinoa, 17 mixed nuts and beans (USA walnut and lentils), Ireland seaweed derived calcium, 7 vegetables, USA Solae™ isolated soy protein (Non-GMO) and soy lecithin.

Without trans-fat, cholesterol and lactose free, GrainNergy is an ideal nutritious food for all ages.



Ingredients 成分

Brown Rice 糙米
Organic Quinoa 有机藜麦
Solae™ Soy Protein (Non-GMO) 美国大豆蛋白(非基因改造)
Hazelnut 榛果
Inulin 菊苣纤维
Solae™ Soy Lecithin 美国大豆卵磷脂
Erythritol 赤藻糖醇
Organic Millet 有机小米
Organic Gold Lentils 有机黄金扁豆
Organic Soft White Wheat 有机软白麦
Organic Hard Red Wheat 有机硬红麦
Organic Split Yellow Peas 有机开心黄豌豆
Organic Pardina Lentils 有机巴蒂娜扁豆
Organic Shelled Red Lentils 有机去壳红扁豆
Organic Black Lentils 有机黑扁豆
Wheat Fiber 小麦纤维
Organic Gold Flax Seeds 有机黄金亚麻仁籽
Non-Hydrogenated Coconut Oil 非氢化椰子油
Ireland Red Algae 爱尔兰红藻钙
Organic Green Lentils 有机青扁豆
Organic French Green Lentils 有机法国青扁豆
Organic White Lentils 有机白扁豆
Celery 芹菜
Cabbage 高丽菜
Carrots 红萝卜
Spinach 菠菜
Broccoli 绿花椰菜
Wheat Germ 小麦胚芽
Walnuts 核桃
White Sesame 白芝麻
Black Rice 黑米
Black Beans 黑豆
Mushrooms 香菇
Cashews 腰果
Pumpkin Seeds 南瓜子
Black Sesame 黑芝麻
Fungus 黑木耳
Almonds 杏仁

Benefits / Functions 功效

✔ 100% natural plant based formula
✔ Exclusive USA formulation
✔ USA walnut, lentils rich in super antioxidant
✔ USA Solae™ isolated soy protein (non-GMO) and soy lecithin
✔ Canada quinoa rich in essential amino acid and fibre
✔ Ireland red algae high in calcium
✔ Lactose and cholesterol free
✔ Multi vitamins and minerals
✔ No trans-fat, preservatives and artificial flavorings

✔ 100%天然植物配方
✔ 美国独家营养配方
✔ 美国核桃、扁豆含丰富的抗氧化物
✔ 美国大豆分离蛋白及大豆卵磷脂
✔ 加拿大藜麦含丰富的氨基酸及纤维
✔ 爱尔兰红藻含丰富的钙质
✔ 零胆固醇,不含乳糖
✔ 富含多种维生素和矿物质
✔ 不含反式脂肪,防腐剂及人工香料

Usage 使用方法

Mix 25g of ECOSG GrainNergy into 220ml of hot water, stir well before drinking; Amount of water can be adjusted to personal preference.


Contradiction / Caution 注意事项

This is a natural agricultural product. Due to season and climate change, slight diversity in taste from different batch of product and visible plant fiber sediment after stirring is a natural phenomenon. Store in a cool and dry place.


What’s In The Package? 包装内容

1 x ECOSG GrainNergy 850g

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